Beautifully crafted wedding films

Our films tell your story in a simple, natural, and creative way. It’s all about the moments and we’re there to capture everything – even the in-between.

You invest a lot of time to create a once in a lifetime experience for you (and for your guests) and we take our time to understand what’s important to you. To make your experience truly unforgettable, we start off by meeting up face-to-face to get to know you better and discuss your vision and dream wedding.

Why work with us?

We’ve led the space of cinematic wedding films in Malta since 2012 and have filmed hundreds of weddings, each unique in their own way. From wedding prep to the exchange of vows, we know exactly when and where to focus our lens, making sure all-important details are recorded.

Our film team stays ahead of the curve with the latest technology and advancements. We film in stunning 4K resolution using stabilizing technology to deliver a smooth, steady, and crisp footage every single time.

We want you, our couples, to relive the day and discover new things every time you watch it. Your wedding day is as important to us as it is to you. From the early morning preparations until your final farewell, we’re there in the background making sure to film it all.

One Camera film trailers

Cinematic film trailers